About Us

The Golf Swing Tracer is designed to evaluate your swing path and provide instant feedback allowing you to track and correct your swing. Unlike many bulky or difficult training aids, the Golf Swing Tracer is easy to use, adjustable, and portable.

For many, the most difficult aspect of golf is consistently and properly striking the ball squarely. It is nearly impossible to visually see your swing path and be able to determine if you are swinging properly and striking squarely. By using the Golf Swing Tracer you see exactly what path your club takes in the critical area (belt high on down swing until belt high on the follow through) which allows you to adjust your swing properly.


– Easy to use for entire family (pros, beginners, women, children)

– Can be used with or without ball

– Use at home, office, driving range, or anywhere

– Allows you to practice anytime, day or night

– Teaches you how NOT to slice or hook

– Teaches you how to fade or draw

– Helps you hit ball squarely

– Analyzes your impact zone

– Helps you increase your club head speed

– Provides exercise while you learn

– Works with any club (Irons and Woods)